Conflict Resolution

Elmhurst - Downers Grove, Illinois Conflict Resolution Lawyers

There are many ways to resolve a conflict. Our office utilizes many conflict resolution methods. The following are options in the dissolution process:

1) Kitchen table negotiation - No attorney is necessary to negotiate the deal. You and your spouse sit down and work through the issues of asset and liability division, custody and parenting time across the kitchen table. You will need a lawyer to prepare the paperwork properly and schedule the court dates. It can be done without counsel, with one attorney or two attorneys. However, if you choose to prepare the paperwork without counsel at all you will run the risk of ending up in court again at a later time due to misunderstandings, lack of knowledge of court rules and poor draftsmanship. At the very least you should see an attorney prior to starting the negotiation so that you understand the law. This is a nonadversarial process.

2) Early Intervention Mediation – This method utilizes a trained neutral mediator who will manage the negotiation between you and your spouse before attorneys are employed to begin the litigation process. They will empower you to work together in a respectful manner to divide property and debt and to determine your decision-making and parenting issues. We are trained and certified mediators in this law firm with over 14 years of pre and post decree meditation experience. This is a nonadversarial process.

3) Collaborative Law – This method utilizes two attorneys trained in the process along with mental health professionals (one or two) and an agreed upon financial advisor. The team works together with you and your spouse without court intervention to resolve the marriage. If the process collapses, all participants agree to withdraw and litigation counsel is retained. This is a full disclosure process that is non adversarial.

4) Mediation – Is a process utilized by two people who wish to resolve their differences with a neutral person before employing the litigation process. This process is employed after litigation has begun to resolve children’s issues and is mandated by the Court. An entire case can be mediated (see 2) if the parties desire. We are skilled in both child and financial mediation issues in our firm. This is a nonadversarial process.

5) Litigation – In this process, both parties litigate issues in court and a judge decides. This is an adversarial process.

We will discuss any or all of the above methods in greater detail with you when you come in for your initial consultation. Call us today!