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Collaborative law started in California and is sweeping the country as an alternative to traditional litigation. In fact, properly done, you go to court one time to enter your judgment.

During this process, the parties and their respective attorneys who have been specially trained in the collaborative law procedures agree in writing to reach a settlement without the court’s intervention. The parties and attorneys have several four-way meetings to communicate and negotiate an agreement. The parties agree to be open and honest and make a full disclosure of any relevant information. This safe and respectful environment assists in the settlement process.

In addition, in more complicated financial cases the parties may enlist the assistance of experts such as financial consultants which they both agree will handle financial evaluations and saves the parties the expense of two experts at a trial. In emotionally complicated cases parties may enlist mental health coaches to support them through the process.

There is a great incentive to avoid the emotional and financial drain of trial. Both parties understand if they are unable to reach an agreement, they must retain new attorneys to commence any legal proceeding. This requirement is essential to allow the collaborative law attorneys to focus their time and efforts solely on settlement.

Collaborative Law is a viable alternative to court. Collaborative Law minimizes conflict during a divorce and serves the best interest of the family. In addition, the process helps keep down the costs of attorney’s fees. Collaborative Law begins to lay the foundation for a relationship after divorce that includes trust and mutual respect. Our firm is trained in Collaborative Law, Mediation and traditional litigation and given the choices we always will strive to work an acceptable result without litigation.