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Illinois Collaborative Law Attorney

Illinois Family Law Attorney Focuses on Mediation and Collaborative Law

At the Law Offices of Laura M. Urbik Kern, we firmly believe that you have the ability and power to reduce the stress of the process and to work with your spouse to deconstruct your marriage or resolve child custody questions.

We Are Prepared to Advise You on a Full Range of Legal Issues

Call or e-mail the Law Offices of Laura M. Urbik Kern regarding any divorce or marriage-related legal questions, including grandparents' rights, paternity questions, juvenile law matters and enforceability of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

Why We Advocate Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law Methods When Appropriate

Honest, reasonable marital dissolution achieved through collaborative law, mediation or other non-adversarial process is most likely to preserve the stability and security of all family members, especially children, who are at the heart of our law practice.

If divorce is the inevitable answer to your conflicts, the financial side is a business decision centered on dividing assets and debts in a way that leaves you both able to re-group and begin again. Dissolution is not about what either one of you deserves, but, rather, about what you are entitled to receive under the law. Dissolution is not about gamesmanship, asset hiding or fraud. People who engage in these actions discover they only line the pockets of the lawyers. It is never our intention to benefit from your family difficulties. Rather, we seek to help you reach reasonable and mutually beneficial divorce and child custody settlement agreements whenever that goal is attainable.

Child Welfare Questions are at the Heart of This Family Law Firm

Questions of child custody and visitation may seem more difficult to resolve in a truly fair and mutually beneficial way than do questions concerning equitable property division. Our attorneys have found over the years that, despite the emotional distress that may accompany the separation of parents, it is in fact the parents themselves who have the greatest insight into how to resolve these questions.

Who knows best what your children need, you or a family court judge? Who loves your children – you or an unknown judge? It makes sense that the people who care most about your children ― the children's loving parents ― are best equipped to figure out their future, not a judge who has had no part in your home and family life.

There are many tools available through our office, and we will give you options concerning the type of dispute resolution that is likely to work best in your divorce: "kitchen table negotiation," litigation or other options in between. It’s your life. You, with the help of your lawyer, should choose which method suits you best. Talk to us about your options.